Mosquito and Insect Misting Systems


The Compass Mosquito and insect misting systems deliver a fine mist through nozzles that are strategically placed throughout your outdoor living environs. This safe and effective system kills mosquitoes, no see-ums and other flying insects, making your outdoor living area more comfortable.


There is a timer to set for pre-misting when pests are most likely to be present, or you can control the timing and duration of the mist with a remote control. Standard settings call for the misting to occur 3x daily, but may vary based on the location and type of pests in your area.


Compass uses the preferred Mist-away tankless system for ease and convenince of our customers. You will not have a large unsightly 55 gallon drum on your property with this system.  


Call for more information and find out what the Mist-away can do to make your outdoor living spaces more enjoyable.