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Lawns, Trees, Shrubs

A lush green landscape is lovely and creates value for your home or office.  A positive first impression is desirable. In our sometimes exceedingly wet and sometimes exceedingly dry Florida conditions, maintaining a healthy and lush landscape is no easy task. Compass has the expertise and experience you need to keep your landscape in peak condition. Our Graduate Horticulturalist, Certified Consulting Arborist, and former County Extension Agent design each program specifically for our local conditions and provide continuous training to our lawn technicians.


All Compass personnel are certified in Florida Best Management Practices (BMP's)  and all our fertilizer programs comply with the municipal fertilizer regulations.  We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and are able to keep your property in top shape while protecting the natural habitat.

Lawn Programs Include:


1)  Slow Release Granular Fertilizers

2)  Insect Management

3)  Weed Management

4)  Disease Management

5)  Fire Ant Control

6)  Free Call Backs 

Shrub Programs Include:


​1)  Slow Release Granular Fertilzer

2)  Insect Management using IPM*

3)  Disease Management

4)  Free Call Backs


*  IPM = Integrated Pest Management


Palm & Tree Programs Include:

1) Fertilizers custom blended for Palms

2) Supplemental minor nutrients

3)  Quarterly bud drenches for certain species susceptible to palm weevils

4)  Insect Management

5)  Disease Management


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