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Household Pests

Household Pest Prevention


Compass Pest Control's home and office pest prevention focuses on the outside where pests live and breed.  This proactive approach to pest management prevents pests from getting inside the structure by reducing breeding sites, means of entry and targeted treatment applications for specific pests. 


Our initial intensive initial treatment inside and out eliminates existing problems. Then, we review and implement a preventative program that meets your needs. There have been amazing breakthroughs in pest management and the Compass team is highly skilled and educated to bring you the very best... for effectiveness, the health of your family and the protection of our environment.



​​There are at least 5 species of cockroaches that invade Florida homes. Cockroaches spread disease and leave nasty eggs and excrement behind. Compass has the expertise to eliminate these unwanted  pests from your home.   


​Compass Pest Control will keep ants from vexing your family. Ants have replaced cockroaches as the number one nuisance pest in Florida homes.  With the introduction of several exotic species into Florida, you need the help of ant specialists to identify and properly control the ants in your home. ​


​​Some pests are not only annoying and sometimes even frightening, they can be the hosts to carry and spread a variety of diseases. Rodents gnaw through wires and cause interior damage to your home's infrastructure.  Compass has a three pronged approach that includes sealing access, trapping and baiting.  

Nuisance Wildlife

​Compass Pest Control will provide the selective removal of nuisance wildlife.  Opossums, raccoons, snakes, bats and others can pose a considerable threat to humans, either through the spread of disease or the threat of a bite.  Call us and we will devise the best course of action to eliminate the invaders.​

Bees, Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets
While bees are very desirable for our gardens and citrus groves, the Africanized bees are aggressive and pose a threat to humankind. They can quickly move into a stinging frenzy. Any beehives or nests should be checked by the Compass professionals. 

Other Nuisance Pests
From the insects that get in your food, such as grain weevils to infestations of spiders and other invaders, Compass has the knowledge and expertise to protect your home from unwanted visitors.

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